The Special Operations Division of Jaguar Land Rover, SVO, presented at the Paris Motor Show 2018 a specially designed and equipped Land Rover Discovery for the Austrian Red Cross emergency response fleet. This model is the definitive version of the Project Hero Concept that Land Rover and the Red Cross presented in March of last year and which was also based on the same all-terrain model. This final version is the result of a project whose work and development has expanded over the last 18 months. The donor version is the Discovery TD6, equipped with a 3.0-liter diesel engine. For now the brand has not confirmed the modifications in the mechanical plane or in terms of chassis, so we understand that in the technical part the model continues to have the same specifications as any other unit of series. It is in the equipment where we will find the true innovations of this model. The functions of this modified vehicle will be to respond quickly and be an advanced communications center, since in its interior it counts on a communication system with the latest technologies available and even a drone. The vehicle has four radio antennas and a special lighting system, while the four-rotor drone included in Discovery has a thermal camera capable of distinguishing a person at 440 meters. Aesthetically, this definitive version does not differ much from the prototype we saw last year. There will only be modifications to the color scheme and stickers that identify the non-profit organization. Watch the video .


Devoid of full sportiness, the British SUV arrives at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show with a proposal specially developed by Startech experts, a simple kit that modifies the aesthetics of the model giving it a more remarkable spirit. A worldwide success since its arrival on the market and now in its fifth generation, the new Land Rover Discovery shows a design that bets more on British elegance and a high level of luxury but does not stand out for the sporty touch. And so Startech has developed a line of body components that was designed primarily for driving on the asphalt, as a new front spoiler that attaches directly to the production bumper, completely changing the car’s image, furthermore helping to reduce the front axle lift at high speeds. At the rear, it has integrated exhaust tips and a diffuser-shaped central part, as well as a special insert for the rear cover that holds the license plate in the center. On the sides it adds the Union Jack design of the British flag on the air intakes of the front fenders, just above the 22-inch aluminum wheels painted black and with five pairs of spokes. The body paint is special with an elegant gray and the contrasting black glossy ceiling. Startech also refines the interior of the new Land Rover Discovery with a broad line of exclusive accessories ranging from door sills with Startech backlit logo and stylish rugs to a set of aluminum pedals and foot rests.  In the interior are also offered combinations of fine leather and Alcantara in an endless variety of colors and in several designs, along with frames of wood and carbon fiber that, like the textile materials, are offered in different and multiple colors and superficial finishes .


Land Rover has surpassed Discovery Sport’s record sales and to celebrate the occasion has created a special edition. Coinciding with Land Rover’s 70th anniversary celebrations, the new Landmark Edition celebrates the success of Discovery Sport. The Landmark edition is available with the Ingenium diesel engine 180 hp TD4 and offers the customer the best of the Discovery Sport line with a combination of exterior colors and unique coatings.

Finbar McFall, Global Product Marketing Director, commented: “Discovery Sport is loved and desired by our customers because it has demonstrated the breadth of Land Rover’s capabilities, providing unrivaled off-road capability combined with an interior versatility capable of transporting seven passengers in a passenger compartment of the highest quality. We have sold more than 350,000 Discovery Sport worldwide since its launch in 2014 with 126,078 in 2017, the best-selling model in just one year in the 70 years of Land Rover history. ” The Discovery Sport Landmark is available in three exterior colors: Narvik Black, CorrisGray and Yulong White, with a contrasting ceiling in Carpathian Gray. In addition, it features a more sporty and dynamic bumper with touches in Graphite Atlas and Style 521 ‘Mantis’ 19-inch wheels in Gloss Dark Gray. The interior features an Ebony perforated leather trim, with the same color ceiling lining, complemented by dark grayaluminum finishes around the center console. The Discovery Sport Landmark is available with Land Rover’s efficient and clean 2.0-liter Ingenium diesel engine with 180 hp that complies with the EU6 standard. Integrated with the constant improvement of Land Rover vehicles, all Discovery Sport engines are equipped with a particulate filter to make them even cleaner. Efficient, closed loop filters are integrated into the aftertreatment system of the exhaust system to retain the smallest particles of the gas flow. Under normal conditions of use the retained particles are oxidized to CO2 while the filters are regenerated whenever the driver withdraws the foot from the accelerator pedal.


After presenting the versions Sport, Sport PHEV and Sport SVR, Land Rover today presented the Range Rover 2018, which is already available for ordering at the dealers of the brand, with the arrival of the first units planned for November. The Range Rover benefits from a redesigned interior, especially the front seats with 24 adjustment positions. At the rear there are wider and softer seats, reclining up to 40 degrees and with 25 massage programs. There are 17 connection points (including USB jacks, HDMI, household and 12 Volt jacks) and 4G Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight devices. The infotainment system is also new: the Touch Pro Duo, with two high-definition touch screens. Among the new technologies, highlight the curtain that opens by gestures, ionization of the environment, Pixel-laser LED headlights and the Activity Key. The big breakthrough in the lineup is the introduction of the P400e plug-in hybrid version, which is also available on the refurbished Range Rover Sport, which combines a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with a hp engine of 116 hp, bringing together a total of 404 hp and 640 Nm of maximum torque. It announces a consumption of 35.7 km / l and emissions of 64 g / km of CO2, in addition to an autonomy in electric mode of up to 51 km. Batteries charge in 2h45. It has two driving modes: Parallel Hybrid and EV (purely electric). Also noteworthy for the Range Rover SV Autobiography Dynamic version with 565 hp extracted from a V8 engine with compressor, guaranteeing an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.4 seconds.


Startech debuts at the Geneva Motor Show 2018 a new line of accessories specially designed for the Range Rover 2018 line for both normal and extended wheelbase versions. The front of the Land Rover’s most luxurious model features a new bumper that meets the demanding pedestrian safety standard, but without damaging the aerodynamics of the British SUV. On the contrary, it improves the values ​​by reducing the front axle lift at higher speeds. The new front also features a lighting concept, with daytime fiber optic lights and LED antinebline headlamps. The wheel arches have also been modified, now increase the width of the model by sixty millimeters, integrating air intakes, while the rear has a new bumper with an integrated diffuser and exhaust tips that can also be combined with the dual stainless steel sports exhaust system – optional and available only for petrol versions – with electronically controlled fins.

The stainless steel sport exhaust system features electric actuators that generate a special and immediate exhaust sound when selecting the ‘Sport’ mode of the transmission, especially in the powerful V8 Supercharged version. For the diesel versions the Startech Sound XTRA module is offered. The alloy wheels are 23 inches in diameter, and decrease the weight by up to 15% compared to standard ones in a cross-painted black paint to contrast with the ‘Carpathian Gray’ . Given the aerodynamic modifications in the bodywork, to improve driving dynamics, a suspension module is offered to reduce the height of the Range Rover by about 30 millimeters, lowering the center of gravity, and can only be activated on the road.  For the interior, Startech offers a huge line of possibilities for leather and Alcantara coatings in virtually any desired color, hand-stitched with different patterns for upholstery, as well as leather piercing, velvet rugs with leather edges, curtains of privacy, folding tables integrated in the backrest of the front seats, besides a multitude of decorations of noble woods and carbon for the interior, as well as the possibility to create embroideries of logos and shields of arms to the taste of the client, including the possibility to include these motifs in courtesy lighting the doors and design them on the ground.


Overfinch is one of the UK’s top preparers. Specializing in the modification of the vehicles of Jaguar and Land Rover, in recent times has raised its sights on the all-terrain models of the British group. Now, presented its latest project that takes on the Range Rover Sport, a model that not long ago underwent an important update. The Land Rover SUV provides an excellent base for a coach of the size of Overfinch to fly his imagination to create a unique car that reflects a certain personality. This comprehensive package of upgrades includes a number of modifications both to the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Just take a look at the pictures to appreciate how it appears now.

The exterior of the Range Rover Sport modified by Overfinch, comes with a new body kit consisting of a new front splitter, an imposing rear roof spoiler and new bumpers. For the elaboration of a great part of these components the carbon fiber was used. Other highlights include the new exhaust outlets and the possibility of a special finish in black, chrome, gold and pink gold colors. Nor can we ignore the new 22-inch-wide alloy wheels used by this specimen and which can optionally be driven by Continental Cross-Contact 275/40 tires. As is customary in these cases, the preparer makes available to its customers a varied and complete catalog of wheels so that the design that best suits their personality is chosen. In relation to the interior of the Range Rover Sport prepared by Overfinch, the cabin comes with a totally new environment. We chose a new leather upholstery that combines three colors (white, black and red), as well as new inserts finished in Piano Black and carbon fiber to create a more sporty atmosphere. With regard to the mechanical part there are no news. If we pay attention to the rear of the vehicle presented by Overfinch, we will see that it shows the emblem SVR. This confirms that under your hood is a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 gasoline engine, which develops a power of 575 hp and 700 Nm of maximum torque. The Range Rover Sport SVR engine is coupled to an eight-speed automatic transmission and a full-drive system.

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